3 tips on choosing the right supplements to complement your diet


There are effective supplements in the market. But with 10 good ones, you might pick one bad one. Competition sometimes makes people greedy. With so many companies making supplements, they are fighting to grab customers’ attention sometimes with fake promises. You need to be careful about these supplements. All supplements are not suitable for everyone. Here are three tips on choosing the right supplements that will complement your diet.

Don’t buy supplements from drug stores

Drug stores sell drugs. They have low quality and cheap supplements in their stock. Cheaper supplements contain additives and fillers and may cause harm to your health instead of providing the nutritional value. Buy supplements from a health food store.

Good supplements don’t come cheap

You will pay for what you will get. Better quality supplements will cost you more. For example, a cheap calcium supplement consists of calcium carbonate and calcium citrate. These are the least absorbable forms of ingredients. Microcrystalline hydroxyapetitie (MCHC) are very good calcium in the form of supplements and they are expensive. So, don’t compromise on money when you buy supplements.

Labels can be misleading

Do your research before choosing a supplement. Labels sometimes make claims that are targeted for certain types of customers. You should consult a health specialist on the type of supplement and dosage you should take depending on your health status.

The recent popularity of supplements has created a stir in the health industry. Everyone is trying to take supplements. But you must realize that it is not for everyone. People have different goals in life for which supplements may be necessary, for example, someone is trying to become a bodybuilder. Supplement is necessary for a person who wants to become an athlete or a bodybuilder. But if you already have a good body structure and you don’t have any bodybuilding goal, then supplements are unnecessary for you. Always get recommendation from your trainer before you start taking supplements.

3 workout supplements to avoid at all costs


There are some bodybuilding companies that are making false promises with their supplements. You must avoid these supplements at all costs.

Vanadyl Sulfate


Vanadyl Sulfate mimics insulin. It regulates blood sugar levels and helps to uptake glucose into the cells rather than turning them to fat. Vanadyl Sulfate is actually a salt. It also has high toxic levels. This supplement accumulates in kidneys, bones and liver. It has some medical benefits, but you should avoid it if you are in good shape.



The patent of this supplement is blocked. There is also no evidence that it has helped in developing lean muscles or any other positive health effects.



This supplement is said to be able to burn fat. Having high epinephrine levels in short time is helpful; but if you have it for a long time, it might have harmful effects. It cancels out the effect of insulin. When bodybuilders are maximizing insulin, they try to store large amounts of muscle protein and glycogen for future use. This makes you bulkier. It is unethical to use Epinephrine as supplements as they actually reverse the results.

Whenever you use supplements, you must be very careful. You must check the ingredients, read every label and ask for recommendations from doctor and your coach. With so many supplements in the market, sellers will try to lure you to buy low quality products. But you should be careful always to avoid them.

How to prevent getting scammed by poor quality supplement sellers


Supplements are getting popular. The market is flooded with various types of supplements. You can get supplements at a health centre, drug store or online. Some sellers are taking advantage of people’s needs and providing them with poor quality supplements. Here are some scams that you should avoid.

Supplements having magical anti aging effect

Supplements do have some anti aging effects, but these effects are limited. It doesn’t mean that at the age of 50 you are going to look like a 19 year old. Do not get lured by sales pitches from supplement sellers. Avoid such supplement that promises drastic changes.

Get the perfect body in no time

You cannot get results overnight. No supplement can make you a bodybuilder quickly. It takes time to build your body, even if you take supplements.

Get best products at cheap prices

Good quality supplements will never come cheap. So, if a seller is offering you a high standard supplement at a very low price than the market price, then there is something suspicious about it.

Best ingredients

You must check out the composition of your supplements and consult a doctor if required. There are sellers who will promise you that their supplements contain the best ingredients. Avoid such sellers.

Supplements are good for your body. But you must consume the genuine one and in the right proportion. Supplements with poor quality will have harmful effects on your body.